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To link to a Model Port Banner, just highlight the code in the grey box under any banner.

Copy it and paste it into your web page.

If you have a site and would like to exchange banners, just fill out the Model Banner Exchange form and upload your banner in jpg or gif format. Sites focusing on modeling, photography, fashion, and web services are welcome, NO PORN PLEASE, artistic nudity is OK.

At the Models-Port, our graphic artist specialize in retouching and creating great final modeling photos, in fact, all of the photos appearing on the site have been retouched for maximum impact.

Our banners enjoy high ranking in most of the model banner exchanges were they are listed, and more importantly, generate targeted traffic to the Models-Port site. You can check out real time results by clicking on any of the modeling banner exchanges listed on Models-Port home page located at the bottom left side of the page.

Additionally, Models-Port banners generate 2 – 5% click thru rates in banner advertising, this compares to an national average of 0.5% for advertising banner click thru rates.

Unlike other services that charge $40 – $80 or more an hour for retouching or creating banners, Models-Port will charge you a fixed amount based on the type of work you request. A custom 468×60 banner may cost as little as $25 dollars.

In addition, Models-Port can host your banner, since many web hosting services do not permit direct linking to banners or may limit your bandwidth per hour, day or month – so instead of seeing your banner, you see a banner from your web host saying you exceed your bandwidth.

If you would like a custom banner fixed rate quote, just tell us what size banner you need, what type of copy you want included on your banner, photos and any color perferences. You can use Models-Port form just fill in the information on the comments box at the bottom. You can also upload any pictures to be included on the banner using the form or, if you perfer, you can e-mail your request.

We will then send you a customized fixed rate quote.

Customized banners are generally produced within 72 hours and we will send proofs for your approval prior to delivery of the final banner and billing you at the fixed rate.

In addition, if you request retouching, we will send you both the retouched PhotoShop “pds” file and a optimized “jpg” file at no additional cost to you.