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Jennifer Lopez - Wet and Wild Video - I'm Glad

Jennifer Lopez recreated the classical wet dence scenes from the Movie Flash Dance (1983) with her remade of the song What A Feeling in her (2003) music video I'm Glad.

Flash Dance, whose main character Alex was played by Jennifer Beals - a construction worker by day and a theatical flashdancer by night who yearns to become a classical ballet dancer.

It was the forerunner of most music videos even up to today.

In fact the scene were the dancer is doused with water while she danced became a classical must have scene in many early music videos.

Wet girls became very in.

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Jennifer Lopez JoL drenched by water

Jennifer Lopez JoL in the classic sweater dress from the music video I'm Glad

Jennifer Lopez JoL drenched by water

Jennifer Lopez JoL drenched by water

The wet look . . .

Becomes part of the dance.

Jennifer Lopez - wild flying hair and shaking booty.

Wet hair dances to the beat.

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